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Salary Ordinances
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Ordinance NumberCommittee Meeting DateDescription
O-2017-1511/8/2017Amending Chapter 160, Section 24, Schedule I: No Parking
O-2017-1410/4/2017Amending Chapter 160 Section 31 Vehicles and Traffic
O-2017-139/6/2017Bond Ordinance
O-2017-116/21/2017Personnel Regulations
O-2017-105/17/2017Art Exhibit Policy and Procedure
O-2017-094/19/2017Acceptable WIFI Policy
O-2017-084/19/2017Bond Ordinance Grapple Truck
O-2017-074/19/2017Creating Municipal Alliance Committee
O-2017-064/5/2017Repeal Chapter 58 - RiverWinds Advisory Committee
O-2017-054/5/2017Funding for Kings Highway Waterline Renovations
O-2017-044/5/2017Conveyance of Property to FHG Realty Urban Renewal
O-2017-034/5/2017Bond Ordinance Sewer Utility Improvements
O-2017-024/19/2017Amending Chapter 11 Fees and Penalties
O-2017-013/1/2017Establishing CAP Bank

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